About Us

Hi there

We are Peder and Kim Jönsson Rydberg, we are Twin flames in union, business owners and property investors with a mission to help the homeless and less fortunate people to be able to have a safe place to call home. We also share an interest for traveling and exploring the world together. Some of you might know us from Quora where you might have heard of our journey.

We are both Swedish and we are currently living in Sweden where we are running a collective eco house on the country side with like minded people. 

As we have gone thru a Twin Flame journey, each of us from a different side of the chaser / runner perspective, we want to help and guide others who have embarked on their Twin Flame Journey to be able to move on and get one step closer to hopefully, just like us, come into union with their twin flame some day.

If you want to, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.