Nutrition & Hormonal Health

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This page will be all about health and nutrition


I am a Licenced nutritionist in LCHF and Paleolithic diet and studied nutritionial and hormonal health since 2014

My own health journey started in 2008 when I discovered and applied the Low Carb High Fat or Swedish Diet.

after having reduced my weight with 36 kgs from 111kg to 75 kgs and being able to drop 10 different medications that had to do with gluten intolerance mainly and some other starch rich foodlike ingredients that my body did not really tolerate.

in november 29th 2013 my husband died of sudden epilepsy seizure during morning and that woke me up to the knowledge about my own health and neither his or mine had not been the best.

A lot of bad food and stress back then killed the love of my life and I was soon to follow had I not changed the way I look at food and nutrients.

We where both starving from nutrients and slowly being poisoned back then. for me it is not to late because I am healthy as an Ox now. before not so much.  I started studying 1 year after he died in Nerja spain 3 weeks of full 8 hour day studies.

I was going to find out what I lacked in Knowledge before then. the symptoms I had and what it meant and what I needed to mend myself and heal my body.  I was basically eating the wrong kind of food that my body needed. I could not take up the nutrients I needed from that which I put in my body.

It has been a long road to finding out what my body needed to thrive  and what was slowly poisoning my body.

I hope that more can take comfort in my knowledge and learn more about their own bodies needs and how they can thrive and be healthy once again.


email me for tips on how to find a healthier you within.