Art Model

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Me as an art model for croquis and Long pose at art schools. I have worked as a model since I was 16 at Falkenbergs art college in Sweden from 1996.

During 2019 I was posing for 5 weeks at Florence academy of art with their talented students who where finishing their portfolio for the second and third years.

There was different pallets to work with some had black and white and some had more colours.

there was also a talented artist from New Zeeland Called Nicholas that was going for a weekend workshop and had gotten permission to come a week early just to be able to work with painting on a real life model.

If you need a talented, experienced and great model who can keep the pose for 5-6 h a day and with a good imagination for poses, just throw me an email and we might come to an agreement of price and travel costs.

I do travel a lot and try to work for artists around the word so have me come to your School or studio for a week or six weeks. I do couch surfing and Airbnb if needed or if there is a room with a bed and kitchen to crash at the school it will always work out.

the angle of the pose from the first day and Nicholas from New Zeeland who got that position when he joined as no one had chosen that position.

The visitor from New Zeeland painted this in a week.
Me doing different poses everyday on the first week before the real 5 week trial started.