Depeche Mode concert 2010-01-25

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Haven’t written about the concert with Depeche Mode that i enjoyed over a week ago.

It was great. got the playlist afterwards. it was good the new songs but of course i sang along most to the old ones .

I feel you, walking in my shoes, question of time, world in my eyes, policy of truth, enjoy the silence, personal jesus. pics will arrive shortly in my gallery.

I am listening to cranberries right now. another band i’d love to see here in sweden. see them live anyways,

so far ive got a lot of concerts planned ahead

7th march the four tops and the temptations with my dad

19th march in lund mejeriet with devildoll

27 march malmö with amanda jensen

23 april with melody gardot

and in summer 18th june with rod stewart.

yeah will be awesome i bet. a Cd just can’t beat a live concert.

have finished reading the twilight series. wow, another lovestory kinda like romeo and juliet but with a happier ending i’d say. I really am a sucker for those romantic lovestories and a hard cryer for complicated lovestories.

yeesh why complicate something that should be so simple.

another good book series is the sword of truth series with terry goodkind, they finally made a tv series of the book called legend of the seeker that me and my hubby have started watching. wow fantasy is finally popular to be made into movies.

american soap operas and series like that is so boooring with intrigues and is all about shallowness and looks, money and power.

prefer japanese movies and animated series that have more interesting themes.

well sleepiness are catching up so should stop right here.

nightie night people unite spread the love.



Cliff and the Shadows 50 anniversary

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just came home from the concert in malmö with cliff and the shadows. great concert.They ended with the young ones which i love.

other songs that got played at the concert was lucky lips, living doll,  i could easily fall, dont talk to him, bachelor boy,in the country, on the beach, do you wanna dance, time drags by, singing the blues, C’ome on everybody, summer holiday, it’ll be me, please don’t tease e.t.c plus a lot of the shadows own instrumental moviemusic.

and I am so happy that i got a plectrum that bruce had played with.


now you can find pictures from the concert in the photogallery.


(Svenska) malmöfestival

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Chemicals and additives in makeup,cosmetics and food.

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Is reading on the internet about what regular schampoos and conditioner and skinproducts contains. have read a lot before about additives in food and makeup aswell.

What can one eat or use for makeup and hair nowadays.  its tricky because most products contains ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or hyper sensitivity. According to tests i got from 1,5 years ago it was at least 5 ingredients  that gave real bad reactions on my skin. Substances that is quite common  in a lot of skinproducts, salves schampoos e.t.c.

One of the allergic reactions came from a substance common in different glues. glue that they use in shoes and textiles, plasters e.t.c.   one was a blue colorative for plastic clothes. so no use buying polyester material in clothes. . another was a red colorative for regular cotton and natural material in clothes. so have to be careful which colours on clothes i may be able to buy. never know if it might contain that certain colouring. it explained a lot why i always got itchy reactions from some of my clothes.

I cannot have too hard materials on my sensitive skin either because it will irritate already raw skin. so silk without red colours in it is ok.

theres not alot to choose from but neutral schampoo and conditioner is ok.  there is just a lot of work to read everything on products to find the good ones. but my skin feel better so not much to do about it.

have found mineral makeup that doesn’t contain  parabens or perfume that doesn’t makes skin rashes  and irritated skin.

perfume free shampoos and conditioner without silicon and parabens is rare but ive found some brands to use.

I try to avoid food with a lot of sodium glutamate, sweeteners,  artificial  flavors, thickening agents diet products.

better to eat as natural as is possible and more real butter instead av margarine.

I follow the LCHF diet right now and the positive outcome of that is:

I feel better, healthier and in good condition

my hair feels less tangled

weight loss

feel young and fresh

less constantly with itching irritable skin not so much eczema anymore.

downside of the diet is:

its hard finding good ingredients for eating purposes or skin products that don’t cost a lot of money. expensive to eat good food instead of chemically fast food.

But a good health should be an investment for life so its well spent money.

don’t ya agree?


Where is the day heading.

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I did a sex and the city test. I am charlotte*lol*

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You Are Most Like Charlotte!
You are the ultimate romantic idealist
You’ve been hurt before, but that hasn’t caused you to give up on love.
If anything, your resolve to fall in love is stronger than ever.
And it’s this feminine optimism that men find most appealing about you.

Romantic prediction: That guy you are seeing (or crushing on)?
Could be very serious – if you play your cards right!

well I guess it is quite true. I am a sucker for romance and love and I found my Harry in Patrik *lol*
and I already played my cards right then. But seeing Satc i feel I’m a mix of Charlotte and Samantha. Won’t reveal in which personality parts though. That is for friends to find out.

i got harry in match your man. http://www.sexandthecitymovie.com/

No his social skills aren’t perfect, No he isn’t empirically handsome. And yes, he might even chew with his mouth open. But Harry is loyal, devoted, and treats you like a queen. As a bonus, he is intelligent, successful, has a sense of humor, and is supportive of you’re goals, if you want kids or puppies-that’s fine with Harry. So all in all he’s a pretty great catch!

Its very true about my husband Patrik as well
I had quite fun with those kind of tests.

*sends a big smile and warm hugs to all animals and humans around the world*



Today I am starting my own blog.

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I will write about the subjects that gets my emotions burning.

It will mostly center around love and feelings. but also about animals, non smoking – health issues,singing, dancing, music, sex, friends e.t.c

My school english may be a bit rusty at first but after a while i hope it will be a lot better.It takes practise when you are used to writing in a different language.

but bear with me.

Sending alot of hugs to all friends, family and people around the world.

Love is all we need.

Kimnice falling star