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Welcome to my homepage

My name is Kim Jönsson Rydberg

I live in Limhamn since nov 2008, a city situated in southern Sweden, a far away land unheard of out there on this big big planet.

I’m happily married to my greatest love Patrik Rydberg since august 18th 2007, and we have been together since the 28th of october 2000.

So when it comes to questions about love i feel i have answers of how to keep a good marriage and sexlife running.

I love all kinds of animals, but currently the only pets I have are cockatiels who live in my living room. They have a large cage to sleep in and goes out during the days to socialize. They are lovely birds with a lot of personality who loves to cuddle with us.

I would love to live in the country with nature surrounding me and lots of animals in the garden. i dream of having an eden, like in the phantom cartoon where all animals and humans live together in harmony and friendliness.

I love singing in different languages and learning phrases when i travel. I’d love to travel around the world, but I’ve come to understand that it will take some time to see all I want too.

So far I’ve learned some phrases in japanese, french, italian, spanish, chinese, russian and finnish.

I watch a lot of Japanese anime so i remember lots of words from there.  I have also taken some beginner courses in spanish, chinese and french during the years so some words came from that.

Dancing in various forms is another big love of mine. Whenever there is music and a floor to dance on I just have to dance. I love dancing Lindy hop, salsa, tango, balboa, hiphop, r’n’b, and disco, and I always adapt to the music.

I am very practical and find it easy learning things that I just see others do, for example dance steps or when people speak other languages I have a knack at learning fast and memorizing words.

I like cooking and coming up with ideas for new recipes. I have a good nose and tastebuds for cooking and mixing drinks. So if there is a party amongst friends, people will almost always find me in the kitchen preparing and fixing, or if it is a barbeque party in the summer they will find me in front of the grill. I love the fire and the smell of grilled meat. Since a year back I follow a special diet called LCHF which means “low on carbohydrates high on fat”.  I feel a lot thinner and healthier since i started eating differently.

I like smaller parties with good friends who like to play a lot of boardgames after a tasty dinner. people who enjoy living and laughing. But those good friends also know that in times of love-trouble they can lean on me and cry on my shoulder, and maybe get a word of advice when needed.

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