the Travelling widow

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Today I decided to change my blog to be about travels and health

as a widow I will travel the world and share the love I had with my husband

as a nutritionist I want more people to take care of themselves and live longer lives then my hubby did.

he was only 37 and if you ask me to young to die of Epilepsy.

so I studied a lot about nutrition and hormones and became certified as a nutritionist in LCHF and Paleolithic diet. It was after my husband died where I got a wakeup call that I would not want to end in a similar way when I was 37: he died when I was 34 so felt a panic.

1 year after he died I went to spain and studied for 3 weeks full 8 hour days of nutrition and health. after that I studied hormones and other studies of health.

8th fo February 2020 I got remarried to my Twin Flame and we expect our first baby 15th of March due any day now.

I have gone from 111 kgs to 75 kgs myself and was able to skip 10 different medications that doctors prescribed and become healed in my liver, gut and hormonal system. Also I went from infertile to fertile within 3 months of good research,   you can do that too. knowledge is all it takes.

if you want to know more about your own personal body and health and how to have a healthier life without medications and illnesses you could contact me.

I am here for you.

Love and hugs the dancing , singing and travelling widow.

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