Meatzza instead of pizza.

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Today i Made a LCHF meal called Meatzza a la kim.

Heres the recipy

1,5 kilo minced meat

2 eggs

1 msk tomato paste

1 tsk glorias heta. a hot apple salsa from a applefarm near by that i like to buy but any chilisauce or salsa will do fine.

2 garlicbits squesed

salt ,pepper,oregano,herbamare herbsalt,

Stir all the ingredients before adding the minced meat

When all that is added together then cram it down a pie form

heat it in the oven for approx. 15-20 min on 175 degrees

remove the fluids and let it stand on the afterwarmth while you cut the topping ingredients.

My topping was made up by

firstly spread some tomatosauce made by tomatopaste, cruched tomatos and glorias hot apple salsa

sprinkle some chopped salad onions, paprika, bacon, hot sausage with out e-621, mushrooms, mozzarellacheese

and then on top some grated cheese and last but not least dont forget to sprinkle oregano,basilika, herbsalt and blackpepper on the Meatzza which I almost forgot myself first.

Put it in the oven for 30-40 min appr. until the cheese got some colouring.

One slice made me very full but in a nice way. not as when you eat pizzadough.

This is how it looked before it got in the oven. and after i remembered the spices.

This Is when it was finished. just so delicious and really tasted like pizza. except no dough. Which is great for me.

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