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Happy Valentines Day on Sunday

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What to do on Sunday with my loverboy that won’t involve going to the cinemas or restaurants to join all the other lovey dovey couples.

Cuddle at home with nice dinner selfmade and making love for hours?  *lol*

I wan’t to make something special that the salesmen havent taken over. They can’t charge me for making love with my hubby anyways. thank heavens for that. haha new law. pay tax for having sex.

Restaurant will be out of the question. Cant even eat half of what they serve anyways when following LCHF diet.

And I serve better food at home than they serve at the restaurants anyways. Not to brag. nah what the hell being swedish Jante timid aint my deal. screw jante . I am the best chef and great at cooking anyway.

Should put out some recipes on my page someday. just go to take photos on the food.

Restaurant food is so boring and similar in tastes wherever i went. Like all restaurants have the same big kitchen where all is made. watch food inc and you understand what i mean.

same tasteless ingredients, spices and additives in the sauce.

almost as boring as the frozen microwave food. Who eats them anyway? or buys them?

going to a restaurant is seldom a nice surprise, always same meny same  ready blended spices and ingredients like salt pepper and monosodium glutamate. yum yum not really.

the whole food industry is so mechanic, no heart in it. just machines no fresh spices, just genetically modified vegetables to last longer and to survive the long trip to the store.

Great that there is ecologicaly farmed and small farmers living close by that do it the old way from the earth to the table, to know where it comes from and not somewhere on the other side of this planet.

People nowadays don’t take their time to cook from scratch. don’t know the taste of how food could taste or real grown vegetables and ripe fruits should taste like.

Well guess the clock is saying i should sleep. stop thinking for a while. turn the thoughts to something else.

may the angels watch over us.

love and respect


Depeche Mode concert 2010-01-25

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Haven’t written about the concert with Depeche Mode that i enjoyed over a week ago.

It was great. got the playlist afterwards. it was good the new songs but of course i sang along most to the old ones .

I feel you, walking in my shoes, question of time, world in my eyes, policy of truth, enjoy the silence, personal jesus. pics will arrive shortly in my gallery.

I am listening to cranberries right now. another band i’d love to see here in sweden. see them live anyways,

so far ive got a lot of concerts planned ahead

7th march the four tops and the temptations with my dad

19th march in lund mejeriet with devildoll

27 march malmö with amanda jensen

23 april with melody gardot

and in summer 18th june with rod stewart.

yeah will be awesome i bet. a Cd just can’t beat a live concert.

have finished reading the twilight series. wow, another lovestory kinda like romeo and juliet but with a happier ending i’d say. I really am a sucker for those romantic lovestories and a hard cryer for complicated lovestories.

yeesh why complicate something that should be so simple.

another good book series is the sword of truth series with terry goodkind, they finally made a tv series of the book called legend of the seeker that me and my hubby have started watching. wow fantasy is finally popular to be made into movies.

american soap operas and series like that is so boooring with intrigues and is all about shallowness and looks, money and power.

prefer japanese movies and animated series that have more interesting themes.

well sleepiness are catching up so should stop right here.

nightie night people unite spread the love.